Marketing Asset Management

Web to Print - A complete web based solution enabling all of your sales, marketing, and creative resources managed access to all of our marketing materials.

This will automate the ordering process and, enable you to utilize an e-commerce solution for payment if you choose. This will also completely protect your brand while offering controlled versioning to those people whom you choose.

We provide this solution from specifying to implementation and training as a turnkey package.

Print Purchasing - Our you confident that you are purchasing your printing at the lowest possible cost and the highest quality and service?

We have a national network of print resources to optimize in this process. Most clients can expect to save a minimum of 10% on the cost of their printing.

Marketing On Demand

Go Green! - Did you know that most companies throw away nearly 20% of the marketing materials they have printed! Did you know that for every dollar spent to buy the print, there are seven dollars spent to manage, store, and distribute the print. The bottom line, there is an enormous economic and environmental waste in traditional marketing print processes. We can virtually eliminate 100% of the waste and save you money and, save the environment!

One to One Marketing - the average response rate to a large scale direct mail campaign is typically between 1% and 3% - if you add text personalization, you can increase this to 2% to 4%. If you leverage technology to dynamically produce a unique piece for each person not only based upon their contact information but, also their demographics and psychographics, you can expect response rates between 5% and 10%!.

We have the ability to merge and purge your data from various internal and external sources to enable you to dramatically increase response rates with qualified leads generating higher sales and a clear return on your marketing investment dollars!

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