About Us
We are a marketing services firm utilizing the combination of best practices, leading edge technology, a national network for resources, and a consultative approach to problem prioritization and solutions.

We also have a significant competitive advantage of not having a vested interest in any one specific solution for hardware forcing our competitors to use a square product to fit a round problem.

Our backgrounds represent nearly fifty years of experience in corporate marketing, channel support, franchise support, print production, direct marketing, and marketing automation technology.

We will then follow up with you providing a written confirmation of understanding and a specific proposal for significant, measurable improvement.

Our definition of business success is:

  • Your delight and repeat business
  • Your referral
  • Our ability to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts
  • Our ability to leverage your data to get closer to your customers and prospects
  • Our ability to eliminate waste in your print process defined as saving trees
Our offer to you is simply this, let us buy you lunch in exchange for you describing the three most significant pains in your current process or, opportunities for significant gains.

Not a bad return on your investment of a lunch hour
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